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You know what can be a nasty shock?

Spending the last few days happily reading through some of your favourite books while at work, chatting to co-workers about them and how much you love them and yeah, they're written for younger people but they're a nice bit of nostalgia... and then coming home last night to find the author of said books has died.

I'm in a bit of a weird headspace right now. Brian Jacques wasn't supposed to be able to die, he was one of my childhood figures who was supposed to just keep going for ever.

One of the PPC Boarders wrote this beautiful tribute for him, though; it makes me feel a little better, knowing I'm not the only one who's going to miss him.

But still. *wibble* Two of my favourite authors passed away in the last two years...

Cassie inna sad headspace. :(
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So, for all intents and purposes I vanished from teh intarwebz for a month. o.O This is Not Good.

And due to the fact that the internet/mobile broadband/whatever they call themselves company decided that I was committing fraud and cancelled my contract despite my repeated pleading with them that I was who I said I was and constant atempts to fax them the documents to prove it. Thanks a kriffing lot, dudes.

However, have been given a pay as you go dongle (USB thingy that gives you internet access, for those not in the know) by a very, very nice neighbour who refused to accept any money from me for it.

In less good news...

Some people are sick )

Other than that, I'm just glad to be back online. If it wasn't for you guys, I'd have snapped a dozen times over this past year. So just... thanks, to all of you. Even those I don't talk to much, because you're still among mah people an' I loves ya. *hugs for all*

(And yes, I do intend to put up the Gathering report at some point very soon. Watch this space.)

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