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Dec. 14th, 2011 03:35 am
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Spotted these on [ profile] cofmanynames, was intrigued, pinched. Sorry C! :D

Meme 1 )

And meme the second: Tell me three to five things that you associate with me, and I will (try to) post a reply saying what those things mean to me.
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As Trojie has started this trend of beta-appreciation, let us keep it going!

First of all, [ profile] tea_fiend for helping me through my stumbling first forays into readable writing, and giving me plenty of support thoughout. [ profile] agenttrojie, for assisting me with sex!fail and other biological inaccuracies. [ profile] lady_rilwen, for both SPaG and logic fails, and for kicking my butt onto the path of not-fail whe I needed it.

And finally, [ profile] techno_dann and [ profile] neshomeh, who through [ profile] signed_up gave us both much help and support in our co-writing efforts. ^_^
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So, for all intents and purposes I vanished from teh intarwebz for a month. o.O This is Not Good.

And due to the fact that the internet/mobile broadband/whatever they call themselves company decided that I was committing fraud and cancelled my contract despite my repeated pleading with them that I was who I said I was and constant atempts to fax them the documents to prove it. Thanks a kriffing lot, dudes.

However, have been given a pay as you go dongle (USB thingy that gives you internet access, for those not in the know) by a very, very nice neighbour who refused to accept any money from me for it.

In less good news...

Some people are sick )

Other than that, I'm just glad to be back online. If it wasn't for you guys, I'd have snapped a dozen times over this past year. So just... thanks, to all of you. Even those I don't talk to much, because you're still among mah people an' I loves ya. *hugs for all*

(And yes, I do intend to put up the Gathering report at some point very soon. Watch this space.)

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