Nov. 12th, 2010 09:17 am
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[ profile] lady_rilwen and I are back with a new MST in the series we decided to tackle, yet another squicky bad slash fic.

The first one may be found
right here.

The second and latest one you may find here.

Both are NSFW/NSFB. You've been warned.

Moo ha ha ha.
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So, [ profile] lady_rilwen and I did a Lord of the Rings MST.

It turned out to be a very squicky bad slashfic, not safe for work OR brain... especially not brain.

This is it.
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Cross-posted to the PPC Board.

[ profile] lycaenion and I discovered a particularly godawful pair of LOTR fics a few months ago, starring a rather obnoxiously overpowered Sue named Talana Tathdel, and decided to spork them. The first is being given the mission treatment, and may not be released for a while yet, depending on how we progress.

The second, however, we decided to MST instead, and just finished with. Therefore, as a slightly early Generic December Holiday present to all lovers of LOTR and sporkers of fanfiction, we're publishing it for you to (hopefully) get a few giggles out of.

And, to be completely honest, to stop ourselves from gutting it any further.

As an advertisement/warning/both, Here There Be Excessive Amounts of Gutter Humour, And Monty Python Jokes Aplenty.


The Elven Captive: Slave of the Two Towers
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One of the newest Boarders has instantly become one of my best friends.

Kgarrett, I salute you.

Not only has he taken on about a third of the male parts for the PPC Movie and rescued our backs, but in the three days since he and I got talking, we've invented a new weapon, planned a pile of Crowning Moments of Awesome, and started an MST, which I have wanted to do for months.

In other news, my benefits are still being screwed with, I've ben ill for the last few days and I miss my boyfriend like crazy.

But awesomesauce makes up for it all, and I'm in too good a mood to be depressed.

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