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I live in England, renowned for its bad weather. I am known to gripe and moan to people about how it's too cold, too wet, too gloomy, etc.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I get a reminder that there are still beautiful things in the sky.

Tonight, just as it goes dark and the street lights come on, I walk into my kitchen and see a stunning full moon rising over the rooftops. I like the moon, so I can't help but stop and gaze for a bit.

Then, a few hours later, I leave the living room for something, and as I walk back in - facing the window - two stunningly bright stars are shining directly through it. One of them is Venus, immortalised in my favourite geekery as Earendil. As I go and look up at the sky properly, it becomes apparent that the sky is so beautifully clear that even through the haze of light from the city, a large number of stars are clearly visible. I wibble for a while.

Nature is bloody beautiful.


Dec. 14th, 2011 04:26 pm
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or the world this is set in. They are the creations of J.R.R. Tolkien.

I woke up with the basic premise for this fic already in my mind, and just felt I had to write it down somewhere. We don't ever really find out what happens to the Ringbearers once they leave Middle-earth, but it struck me that Galadriel, at least, had a lot to face.

Many, many thanks to [ profile] lady_rilwen, who betaed this and pointed out my goofs.

As she crosses the Sea, Galadriel reflects on the past... and what is about to come. )
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Cross-posted to the PPC Board.

[ profile] lycaenion and I discovered a particularly godawful pair of LOTR fics a few months ago, starring a rather obnoxiously overpowered Sue named Talana Tathdel, and decided to spork them. The first is being given the mission treatment, and may not be released for a while yet, depending on how we progress.

The second, however, we decided to MST instead, and just finished with. Therefore, as a slightly early Generic December Holiday present to all lovers of LOTR and sporkers of fanfiction, we're publishing it for you to (hopefully) get a few giggles out of.

And, to be completely honest, to stop ourselves from gutting it any further.

As an advertisement/warning/both, Here There Be Excessive Amounts of Gutter Humour, And Monty Python Jokes Aplenty.


The Elven Captive: Slave of the Two Towers
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This entry has been shifted to my new PPC journal [ profile] c5s_ppc_agents. You can find the post here and here.

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