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I live in England, renowned for its bad weather. I am known to gripe and moan to people about how it's too cold, too wet, too gloomy, etc.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I get a reminder that there are still beautiful things in the sky.

Tonight, just as it goes dark and the street lights come on, I walk into my kitchen and see a stunning full moon rising over the rooftops. I like the moon, so I can't help but stop and gaze for a bit.

Then, a few hours later, I leave the living room for something, and as I walk back in - facing the window - two stunningly bright stars are shining directly through it. One of them is Venus, immortalised in my favourite geekery as Earendil. As I go and look up at the sky properly, it becomes apparent that the sky is so beautifully clear that even through the haze of light from the city, a large number of stars are clearly visible. I wibble for a while.

Nature is bloody beautiful.

Stolez it!

Dec. 14th, 2011 03:35 am
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Spotted these on [ profile] cofmanynames, was intrigued, pinched. Sorry C! :D

Meme 1 )

And meme the second: Tell me three to five things that you associate with me, and I will (try to) post a reply saying what those things mean to me.
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You know what can be a nasty shock?

Spending the last few days happily reading through some of your favourite books while at work, chatting to co-workers about them and how much you love them and yeah, they're written for younger people but they're a nice bit of nostalgia... and then coming home last night to find the author of said books has died.

I'm in a bit of a weird headspace right now. Brian Jacques wasn't supposed to be able to die, he was one of my childhood figures who was supposed to just keep going for ever.

One of the PPC Boarders wrote this beautiful tribute for him, though; it makes me feel a little better, knowing I'm not the only one who's going to miss him.

But still. *wibble* Two of my favourite authors passed away in the last two years...

Cassie inna sad headspace. :(
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So 2010's been a pretty crappy year for me. Family fights, unemployment, general depressing things interleaved with a few moments of good.

2011, on the other hand, is starting with a huge BANG of awesome.

I move house on Monday, to a bigger, more comfortable flat and away from the noisy student housing area. Yay quiet comfy flat.

AND I have a potential job in the offing! Not going to make me rich any time soon, but it's above minimum wage, good hours, and well within walking distance of my new place. Just have to keep fingers crossed I get it.

Still. Awesomeness for the beginning of 2011.

:D :D :D :D :D
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So, my official tenancy agreement ran out back in October, but the staff pulled a few strings to keep me here till we could find somewhere else. We've been looking around a few housing associations, and yesterday I got invited to look around a flat.

It's twice the size of my current one, it's warm, and I love the atmosphere. In short, I officially accepted it today and will be sorting out the paperwork over the next few weeks, and will be officially moving in on January 17th. ^_^

I also has job interviews coming up in the New Year, and possible college courses, and basically life is yay. ^_^

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...that I've not posted here for a fairly long time. Nothing's really been important enough for me to blog about. Until last night, because I've spent over £60 and two full days travelling to London and back (no mean feat, given I live at the other end of England) just to see my favourite band perform live.

That's right; in the... gods, only eight months since I was first introduced to Blind Guardian by the awesome [ profile] lady_rilwen, they have become my absolute favourite band.

Cut for fangirlish waffling. )
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So, back when I was on my Prince's Trust course, I did a two-week work experience placement at a local media centre. They had me making a short film (two minutes-ish) on the theme of respect, for this international competition.

I finished the film, handed it in, left and thought no more of it.

Today, I got the news that my film was one of the UK's SIX WINNING ENTRIES.


In six weeks' time I'm going to Denmark with the other winners, and the winners from the other countries, for a week-long, all-expenses-paid-including-my-passport, media camp.


O. M. F. G.

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G'day, mates. Feels like I haven't posted in forever, mostly because I haven't really needed to recently. LJ seems to bear the brunt of my news from when I am Offline (yes, that does warrant a capital letter, simply because it seems to revolve around that sometimes).

So, I move out of my mum's and back to my flat and find out that hey, they're making plans to start me on the process of moving out! Whoo. Mind discussing this with me first before you plonk it into my support file as if it's written in stone, O Natalie support worker of mine?

But anyway, apparently the process is likely to take a couple of months at the very least, which is reassuring. At least I'm not going to get booted out of my place next week.

In other news, far less vital to my survival, I got a haircut at the constant nagging of my mother and her friend the professional hairdresser. -_- Apparently the one I had made me look too much like a boy. Uhm, hello, people? I modelled it on [ profile] guil_solo. And I'm sorry, but nobody on this earth is going to mistake me for a male. Even if they wanted to. However... *sigh* apparently now I look more lke a "pretty young woman". Bleh.

Anywho, that's my gripes over for the day. Cassie's here till 11 p.m., peeps. :D
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So. Have been online for nearly a week and haven't made a single post here. What is wrong with me? Normally I babble as much as I can when I get the chance.

Maybe that's it. I've had the chance so I don't feel I have anything to put down. But still. Getting thoughts and stuff written down means I can put them into some kind of order.

- Yeah, right. Order like alphabet soup is in order.

Shush, whoever that was. I swear, this past week seems to have been the Week Of Developing Multiple Personalities. Although I guess they're not personalities, really. Just a large number of characters I created recently who seem to want to run around in my head shouting ideas about their life stories faster than I can get them down. For information about said characters, please ask nicely. Alternatively, you can look here, where it gives you basic information about their appearance, recruitment and Department. Backstories will follow once I get them into some sort of coherency. Reece and Dana in particular have rather sad backgrounds, but-

- Too much detail!

Okay, okay.

Other stuff I've been doing this week: the EPC RP started on Wednesday. Since then I've been battling with slow-as-a-snail internet connection, a stinking cold and RP partners who actually have lives to get into battling the Enforcers of the Plot Continuum. Well, I need something to do while waiting for my mum to come home from hospital.
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- The benefits agency stopped my benefits a week ago, so I've been running off the few things I had in my cupboards. Fortunately, when I managed to finally get some free time to call them today, the lovely man I spoke to did everything he could to get my new claim sorted, so that's all fixed now. Nice man.

- I made a FILM!

On work experience, they had me do a little film about respect, which they said they'll be entering into an international competition. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

- I also learned the basics of key-frame animation. Not very useful without the program to do it with, but at least I have a rough idea of what do do now. :D

- Missed y'all. Talk to me! :D

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Well. Previous hyperness has worn off spectacularly.

- Brother has failed to do as his mother told him, and is in fact deliberately disobeying her. I'm gonna get a roasting for that when she ges back. Because of course it'll be my fault he decided to go stay at his druggie friend's all night.

- Where is everyone? Okay, so had entertaining chat with [ profile] julyflame for a while on Skype/Gtalk, and [ profile] platinumyo can always be counted on to talk to, but seriously, what happened to everyone? I know [ profile] cofmanynames is away, for which I am greatly disappointed, but where's [ profile] agentsara and [ profile] signed_up? Guys, seriously, that's uncool, vanishing without leaving me an excuse. I need them to help me keep my scrambled brain in order - or scramble it more, depending.

- It's too early for [ profile] oozaru_angel to be on, too. Damn. I need a fix of Oozaru. If neither of us can come up with anything else, she can always be counted on to distract me with a hefty dose of RPing.

OA, I need you~ Turn up soon, please?

- I have no mints. Why did I not bring my mints? The mints keep me sane.
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Heyo, everyone. :D A Cassie has returned for the weekend, so if you wanna talk to her she'll be hovering around Gtalk and MSN.

She is also in an incredibly HYPER mood just now, having been accepted onto a two-week work placement in a media centre in which she will be learning how to use video cameras, do computer animation and other things involving electronic media. This may bring some form of enthusiasm to the Movie-makers' hearts - we'll have a semi-trained animator on the team. :)

I'll do something more coherent later when I've calmed down a bit. But for now, HEYAAAAAAAAAAA!
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Sadly, not permanently permanently. Yet. Though I received a tip from a member of staff where I live that may see more LJ posts from yours truly, if not chats.

Happytimes on my Prince's Trust course, which those of you with exceptionally long memories will remember from my last post. My confidence is going through the roof. I can't remember the last time I got on so well with such a sizeable group of people face-to-face for so long. For a group of young people who are more used to talking with their fists and smoke like chimneys (no offence to any smokers who may read this, it's just not a habit I'm fond of being in close proximity to), they're actually pretty nice. Or maybe I've just been living a far too sheltered life.

I've been missing everyone, too. There's my rambling with KG, my giggling with Sara, my betaing and OFUing with OA, my chatting with Ciri, and my [censored! You're not getting any details of that!] with Plat. If you read this, guys, comment and let me know you still wanna know me. *puppy eyes of devastation*

In conclusion: I got tagged for a meme.

I was tagged by: [ profile] cofmanynames. I hereby have no idea who has already done this meme, so I shall tag: nobody.

Here's a meme. )
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Okay, hello, everyone. Yes, I still live.

Interesting things that have happened to me lately:
- I got an application form for the drama group I've raved about to several people, and I'll be sending it back tomorrow. Eeeee!
- I was accepted onto a course called the Prince's Trust, a twelve-week course that will give me a nationally recognised qualification and is apparently all-round awesome, according to the people I know who've been on it before.
- I has moneys. :D People were very generous over Christmas, and my benefits are up and running.
- I've been expanding my book collection rapidly. I now have the entire HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy series and the first eleven volumes of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. LOVE. Now I just need to get my hands on the next dozen or so.
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For those who have been worrying about my unexplained absence from the internet for a whole four days, panic no more. Please.

The cause was a malfunction in the connection, which hopefully will be fixed. If it isn't, though, please can we have no more panicking? It's just a breakdown of electronics. I'm not sulking, I haven't been kidnapped and I haven't topped myself.

On another note, my benefits have been sorted and I got a ton of back pay, so Christmas shopping next weekend. Might as well get it done.
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One of the newest Boarders has instantly become one of my best friends.

Kgarrett, I salute you.

Not only has he taken on about a third of the male parts for the PPC Movie and rescued our backs, but in the three days since he and I got talking, we've invented a new weapon, planned a pile of Crowning Moments of Awesome, and started an MST, which I have wanted to do for months.

In other news, my benefits are still being screwed with, I've ben ill for the last few days and I miss my boyfriend like crazy.

But awesomesauce makes up for it all, and I'm in too good a mood to be depressed.
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Fist off, update on the personal situation: thank you, Mr Consultant. Six weeks and you'll be off the crutches, you say? It's already been three months. And now today you tell me it could be another three months before I can ditch the damn thing? I live off state benefits at the moment. I need a freakin' job. And I can't get one like this, pal. Woulda been nice to know beforehand.

Other than that, not too bad. Got a free trip to a theme park on Saturday, courtesy of the place I live~ :D I have nice support workers.

Head situation: On using the techniques suggested by Fynn (Thankyou Fynnly~ :D) I have discovered my headpeople do, in fact, exist. Though their current revelations are not happy ones, my girls hold promises of happyness to come. Which I hope they'll show me soon.

And I misses you, honey~ You know who you are.

A couple of things I borrowed off Fynn. Confirmed a few things for me, too.

You Are 88% Bipolar

You have some serious ups and downs, maybe to the point of endangering your own life.

Consult a doctor to see if you may truly have bipolar disorder.

You Are 62% Borderline

Many signs point toward you having a borderline personality.

It's probably a good idea to seek therapy. Or at least read a self help book.

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Sigh. After a week at my dad's, during which I have relaxed, lost count of the number of hugs I've had from my little brother and planned to dye my hair red (photos upcoming asap), I am returning home tomorrow.

I did try to get hold of a few photos of Oxford architecture (and Tolkien's grave), but we never got enough time to go round it all. Well, we did, but when we finally got a bit of spare time, my knee decided to play up and left me in too much agony to walk any distance.

Why is the NHS so useless? Oh, stupid question. Blame the government. Blame them!

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