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My leg's healing really quickly now. I managed to take a few steps without the help of any crutches today.

This is brilliant, I'll be walking and out of here soon. All I need now is to persuade my mum to get my stuff out of her house and down to my new flat. That shouldn't be too difficult.

*is resolved to keep pushing herself to strengthen up*

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This is not fun but I know it's supposed to help but ugh.

Translation: I'm going into hospital tomorrow for an operation on my knee (which won't be done till Wednesday), which is bent in so badly that it effectively makes that leg shorter. The operation should straighten it, but it involves surgically breaking the bone and resetting it and screwing a metal plate on to keep it straight.

Which I know is going to be a good thing in the long run. But hospitals. And anaesthetics. And needles. And they're going to saw through my goddamn leg. Do not want. At least I won't remember them doing it.

I'll post again when I get back from the hospital, just so you all know I made it.

Oh, and I should be having a cast on that leg. The lovely Trojie came up with an idea, which is to send me a little sentence or something to write on the cast so I can take pictures and maybe even save it for display.

So if anyone wants to have me write their well wishes or whatever on my leg, send it along.

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