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I live in England, renowned for its bad weather. I am known to gripe and moan to people about how it's too cold, too wet, too gloomy, etc.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I get a reminder that there are still beautiful things in the sky.

Tonight, just as it goes dark and the street lights come on, I walk into my kitchen and see a stunning full moon rising over the rooftops. I like the moon, so I can't help but stop and gaze for a bit.

Then, a few hours later, I leave the living room for something, and as I walk back in - facing the window - two stunningly bright stars are shining directly through it. One of them is Venus, immortalised in my favourite geekery as Earendil. As I go and look up at the sky properly, it becomes apparent that the sky is so beautifully clear that even through the haze of light from the city, a large number of stars are clearly visible. I wibble for a while.

Nature is bloody beautiful.
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Barring my second reference being terrible, whch I know it won't be, I has a JOB! :D

The interview was last Monday, and I went in today at their request to see about familiarising myself with the place. It's the local tourist information centre, and they're taking me on as a trainee. 25 hours a week for above-minimum-wage pay. ^_^

2011 is turning out to be an awesome, awesome year. Yay 2011.
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So 2010's been a pretty crappy year for me. Family fights, unemployment, general depressing things interleaved with a few moments of good.

2011, on the other hand, is starting with a huge BANG of awesome.

I move house on Monday, to a bigger, more comfortable flat and away from the noisy student housing area. Yay quiet comfy flat.

AND I have a potential job in the offing! Not going to make me rich any time soon, but it's above minimum wage, good hours, and well within walking distance of my new place. Just have to keep fingers crossed I get it.

Still. Awesomeness for the beginning of 2011.

:D :D :D :D :D
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So, my official tenancy agreement ran out back in October, but the staff pulled a few strings to keep me here till we could find somewhere else. We've been looking around a few housing associations, and yesterday I got invited to look around a flat.

It's twice the size of my current one, it's warm, and I love the atmosphere. In short, I officially accepted it today and will be sorting out the paperwork over the next few weeks, and will be officially moving in on January 17th. ^_^

I also has job interviews coming up in the New Year, and possible college courses, and basically life is yay. ^_^


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