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Grr. Rant. Grumble. Expletives in copious number.

Ranting, with some swearing. )
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G'day, mates. Feels like I haven't posted in forever, mostly because I haven't really needed to recently. LJ seems to bear the brunt of my news from when I am Offline (yes, that does warrant a capital letter, simply because it seems to revolve around that sometimes).

So, I move out of my mum's and back to my flat and find out that hey, they're making plans to start me on the process of moving out! Whoo. Mind discussing this with me first before you plonk it into my support file as if it's written in stone, O Natalie support worker of mine?

But anyway, apparently the process is likely to take a couple of months at the very least, which is reassuring. At least I'm not going to get booted out of my place next week.

In other news, far less vital to my survival, I got a haircut at the constant nagging of my mother and her friend the professional hairdresser. -_- Apparently the one I had made me look too much like a boy. Uhm, hello, people? I modelled it on [ profile] guil_solo. And I'm sorry, but nobody on this earth is going to mistake me for a male. Even if they wanted to. However... *sigh* apparently now I look more lke a "pretty young woman". Bleh.

Anywho, that's my gripes over for the day. Cassie's here till 11 p.m., peeps. :D

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