Dec. 14th, 2011 04:26 pm
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or the world this is set in. They are the creations of J.R.R. Tolkien.

I woke up with the basic premise for this fic already in my mind, and just felt I had to write it down somewhere. We don't ever really find out what happens to the Ringbearers once they leave Middle-earth, but it struck me that Galadriel, at least, had a lot to face.

Many, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lady_rilwen, who betaed this and pointed out my goofs.

As she crosses the Sea, Galadriel reflects on the past... and what is about to come. )

Stolez it!

Dec. 14th, 2011 03:35 am
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Spotted these on [livejournal.com profile] cofmanynames, was intrigued, pinched. Sorry C! :D

Meme 1 )

And meme the second: Tell me three to five things that you associate with me, and I will (try to) post a reply saying what those things mean to me.
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*brushing off cobwebs* There we are, still works fine. And I wanted to squee somewhere about this other than over gtalk.


I have a JOB! :D

Real Fundraising basically gets paid by charities out of their marketing money to send people out onto the street and fundraise. And I'm gonna be one of those people.

Accommodation, laundry facilities etc provided by the company, I get to travel all over the UK for a very decent wage, and the best part - it's FULL-TIME. No contract, no part-time, nothing like that. I have a steady job and I am over the moon. It means my internet time will be spotty and likely evenings-only, but that's a more than fair price to pay for this.

Congratulate me? :P
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You know what can be a nasty shock?

Spending the last few days happily reading through some of your favourite books while at work, chatting to co-workers about them and how much you love them and yeah, they're written for younger people but they're a nice bit of nostalgia... and then coming home last night to find the author of said books has died.

I'm in a bit of a weird headspace right now. Brian Jacques wasn't supposed to be able to die, he was one of my childhood figures who was supposed to just keep going for ever.

One of the PPC Boarders wrote this beautiful tribute for him, though; it makes me feel a little better, knowing I'm not the only one who's going to miss him.

But still. *wibble* Two of my favourite authors passed away in the last two years...

Cassie inna sad headspace. :(
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Barring my second reference being terrible, whch I know it won't be, I has a JOB! :D

The interview was last Monday, and I went in today at their request to see about familiarising myself with the place. It's the local tourist information centre, and they're taking me on as a trainee. 25 hours a week for above-minimum-wage pay. ^_^

2011 is turning out to be an awesome, awesome year. Yay 2011.
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So 2010's been a pretty crappy year for me. Family fights, unemployment, general depressing things interleaved with a few moments of good.

2011, on the other hand, is starting with a huge BANG of awesome.

I move house on Monday, to a bigger, more comfortable flat and away from the noisy student housing area. Yay quiet comfy flat.

AND I have a potential job in the offing! Not going to make me rich any time soon, but it's above minimum wage, good hours, and well within walking distance of my new place. Just have to keep fingers crossed I get it.

Still. Awesomeness for the beginning of 2011.

:D :D :D :D :D

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