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So, my official tenancy agreement ran out back in October, but the staff pulled a few strings to keep me here till we could find somewhere else. We've been looking around a few housing associations, and yesterday I got invited to look around a flat.

It's twice the size of my current one, it's warm, and I love the atmosphere. In short, I officially accepted it today and will be sorting out the paperwork over the next few weeks, and will be officially moving in on January 17th. ^_^

I also has job interviews coming up in the New Year, and possible college courses, and basically life is yay. ^_^



Nov. 12th, 2010 09:17 am
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[ profile] lady_rilwen and I are back with a new MST in the series we decided to tackle, yet another squicky bad slash fic.

The first one may be found
right here.

The second and latest one you may find here.

Both are NSFW/NSFB. You've been warned.

Moo ha ha ha.
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That I am A. a massive fan of Lord of the Rings and Discworld, B. a fantasy nerd in general, and C. could possibly be crushed to death, or at least to severe pain, if my bookcase ever fell over on me.
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...that I've not posted here for a fairly long time. Nothing's really been important enough for me to blog about. Until last night, because I've spent over £60 and two full days travelling to London and back (no mean feat, given I live at the other end of England) just to see my favourite band perform live.

That's right; in the... gods, only eight months since I was first introduced to Blind Guardian by the awesome [ profile] lady_rilwen, they have become my absolute favourite band.

Cut for fangirlish waffling. )
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This entry has been shifted to my new PPC journal [ profile] c5s_ppc_agents. You can find the post here.

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