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...that I've not posted here for a fairly long time. Nothing's really been important enough for me to blog about. Until last night, because I've spent over £60 and two full days travelling to London and back (no mean feat, given I live at the other end of England) just to see my favourite band perform live.

That's right; in the... gods, only eight months since I was first introduced to Blind Guardian by the awesome [ profile] lady_rilwen, they have become my absolute favourite band.

The concert was so friggin' amazing. Wasn't quite sure about the support act (Steelwing), but once Blind Guardian started their performance I was willing to scream myself hoarse along with everyone else there. It was such an amazing atmosphere, I've never been in anything quite like it. Though after they promised - twice - to come back to England soon, who knows? I may well go again. Hansi - the lead singer - is a funny guy, too; I hadn't expected him to crack WW2 jokes, or get everyone roaring about being Vikings, or have us all chant the introduction to a song three times over to get it loud enough. :)

And I was so close to the stage - seriously, only one person betwen me and the barrier - I could almost have shaken hands with Hansi when he came over, and I swear when he did at one point he looked straight at me. *squee* Yes, I am now a shameless fangirl, why do you ask? :D (Not the kind that goes off and writes bad fanfic, to clarify for any of my PPC buddies who might see this and go running for exorcism kits.)

The set list was utterly awesome, too.

1. Sacred Worlds
2. Welcome To Dying
3. Born In A Mourning Hall
4. Nightfall
5. Fly
6. Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)
7. Traveler In Time
8. Valhalla
9. Lord Of The Rings
10. This Will Never End
11. A Voice in the Dark
12. Mirror Mirror
13. Punishment Divine
14. The Bard's Song - In The Forest
15. Wheel of Time
16. Imaginations From The Other Side

All in all, a damn good night, even if I didn't know all the songs. I have a mission in life now, at least; to obtain and learn all their albums. XD

This is Cassie, Blind Guardian fangirl, signing out.
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